Hello everybody!
My passion and career choice has always been about personal development. Gradually from Career coaching teenagers and young adults,  working with mentally ill senior citizens and the unemployed, I moved into Life coaching to help all individuals in a more constructive and shorter term method rather than therapy. The process looks at the present, rather than the past to move an individual forward.

I first came across this proactive method of guiding, teaching and listening to  individuals in2008. Everybody has a niche area of expertise. Mine is epilepsy, why? Because since I was a teenager I was diagnosed with this condition. I have for a long time wanted to do something that partly educated and helped those with this misrepresented condition as well as helping fellow individuals.

It is a known fact that 1% of this nation has been diagnosed with this condition. They all go through the emotions and feelings I went through. This is coming to terms with the diagnosis and being unable to drive, which in this country can be difficult,  to your career choice aspirations and how you tell your employer of your condition knowing this could jeopardize your chances of employment!

Unfortunately in regards to employment, this can be overcome by education rather than ignorance, myth and lack of responsibility. I often get asked: What should I do in the possibility of a seizure occurring? Do I need to stop you from swallowing your tongue? It is still perceived with some suspicion and makes people uncomfortable.

Yes, it can be unnerving when you witness a Tonic Clonic seizure for the first time, but there are many other varieties of this condition and they don’t have the shaky and jerky motions we commonly associate this epilepsy with.

Life coaching looks at reaching and maintaining your goals whether this be career and job issues, relationship, health or any other life area you have concerns with. Therefore such issues may well lead to you practicing  relaxation techniques, money or time management. The coach and client comes up with an action plan that is realistic and achievable .

Therefore to reiterate, I see everybody who wants Life coaching, both epileptics and non-epileptics.



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