Personal Development-Career Assessment based on Personality and Skills

Career Assessment based on Personality and Skills

In order to make your career choice it is important to realize what your personality and skills are. This sounds easy enough and makes common sense.However it may take careful thought. This may help you:

Therefore what determines your skills ( or talents) or Personality eg are you adventurous, spontaneous, structured, serious.

These Skills and  your personality would determine whether you are a ORGANIZER, LIBERATOR, FACILITATOR, AND INNOVATOR.


They are orderly and efficient, using logical analysis to solve problems or in order to make decisions. These individuals like to organize and plan projects. They prefer a steady working environment and are guided by a well constructed strategic plan.

Characteristics: Orderly, reliable, efficient, structured,practical.


The natural style is action oriented and adaptive who enjoy challenges and flexible. They seek adventure or new opportunities, could be seen as a trouble shooter in their work  and recreation. They like work that is exciting who also enjoy being outdoors with a good degree of mobility in their work.

Characteristics: Resourceful, easygoing, adaptive,seek adventures, impulsive.


They are interpersonal and collaborative who like a team oriented and democratic environment. Authenticity, positive interaction and harmony work well for these individuals. Working best with team leaders who are good communicators and they care about morale and motivation. They are sensitive to a bad working atmosphere and feel drained by conflict.

Characteristics:Intuitive, helpful, enthusiastic, open mindedinterpersonal


These people are analytical and systematic, complex thinkers, likes concepts and innovative solutions. They like to see their ideas reach logical conclusions. Research and seeking knowledge is important to them who bring a their vision to a project and look at their long term implications.

Characteristics:Logical, visionary, calm,precise,demanding.

This will give you some ideas in the general direction you wish to pursue before choosing more specific career choices.

More to come!!! Interests and your Values


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