The Emotions and Frustrations of Job Search, made harder with the epilepsy condition!

I imagine most people have had to go through this as some stage.However if you are unemployed and a person with epilepsy, it can be a demoralizing, frustrating experience, and even an exasperating.  Especially when you hear of people who decided to leave a job, because they didn’t like it , BUT get reemployed within weeks (let alone getting interviews). Examples of people getting jobs at the first attempt, or even deciding to relocate to other cities or countries encounter problems. You start to wonder! WHY?? Yes you have updated your resume (had it checked) , cover letter (also had it checked), found agencies, online job boards, job fairs…but still nothing. Here’s what you may of come across in your job search experience:

  1. Unemployed for over 6 months-questions! and a skeptical response as nothing seems satisfactory(you dare not mention epilepsy)
  2.  You are overqualified or you  have reached a certain age: so you start applying  for junior positions eg High School Diploma needed, so you might get a chance.
  3. Find employment in positions, out of desperation, that could be dangerous as a person with epilepsy eg factories
  4. The stages and hurdles you have to overcome: online application, initial phone call interview, online tests, interview or two, job offer! (an emotional roller coaster)
  5. Temporary agencies ,who never call or seem disinterested, or  you can’t speak to someone in authority directly: leave your resume with us .If they do contact you, indirectly via resume posting  job sites – provide inadequate information of the job details, that takes days to process
  6. If not selected, you aren’t told why or if you do,your personality doesn’t fit their profile!
  7. Keeping track of the many applications you apply for, and they employer give the impression you were the only one you applied for
  8. Phone interview only job vacancies…noticed this one
  9. Position requires clean driving license (yes we know that one)…or in difficult locations that required many buses or train
  10. Online application only, can’t speak to a HR person even if you know the name of contact, or if you do, get told online applications only.
  11. Wonder if they ever read your application, in the first place, as the applications increase, BUT still hear nothing
  12. Employment is taking from within  the organization rather than from the outside applications
  13. Jobs already taken, before they advertise
  14. Doing something like voluntary work is considered good, yet you feel, even that is not enough to convince the employer
  15. Interviewers  disrespectful…playing with their phones or dismissive…seems a whole waste of time
  16. Is it any wonder, people with epilepsy try to make it professionally by being self employed or if they don’t, are lucky to have a great employer, who knows of your condition and provides support
  17. Finally, to end on a positive note: keep persevering, stay positive,  motivated, even when you you see don’t the light at the end of the tunnel ,  you could be employed in the most unlikely of situations! It happens.

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