About Darren Wright, and The Wrightwayforward

The Wrightwayforward coaching service  is life and epilepsy coaching business started by Darren Wright. I realized that there is no better individual than myself with much experience of this condition, better qualified to help individuals improve and better their lives.

I come from a Human and Social care background, with over 1o years working in a variety of  roles as a Career Coach, Employment Training Adviser as well as a Support worker for clients with special needs. Along with certifications in Psychology,Career Coaching, Life coaching and counseling.It can be a difficult journey for for person’s with epilepsy, but with my experience,guidance and qualifications. I can make the journey regarding your personal and professional life happier and easier. Also through my expertise, this may help to reduce the possibilities of seizures occurring.

As well as a passion for helping people with epilepsy, I see educating the public about the condition, myths and misconceptions as part of my aim and mission.


3 thoughts on “About Darren Wright, and The Wrightwayforward

  1. Your business sounds fascinating. I will be participating in the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan’s FOCUS study to learn coping skills around a particular issue that I will choose. The study is funded by the CDC and is administered by the University of Michigan. Thank you for following my blog.

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