November is Epilepsy Awareness month

Many people may not be aware that November is Epilepsy Awareness  month, and the logo is a purple ribbon.

On Saturday, I attended the 2nd Into The Light Walk, a 3 mile walk in New York. It is about Epilepsy Awareness, and people with epilepsy can meetup, share experiences, and raise funds. It was a truly an awesome experience I must say. Never been to such an event, that is purely about  and with people with epilepsy (I  have only known one other person in my life with epilepsy). It was a larger attended event this year, as over 1200 people finished the walk, along with their friends and family, that raised nearly $100000 for epilepsy awareness.

Going along with members of an epilepsy meetup group in New York, I met for the first time (there were 10 of us). I chatted to people about our experiences, the perceptions, and difficulties of the epilepsy condition. We may of had differences in our seizure types, some even had brain surgery…but friendships developed, and contacts made.I expect it will continue to grow.There were people of all ages,genders, and race whom

Next year :March 14th 2014 there is the annual walk in Washington D.C, of which I intend to do.Therefore have a seizure free week, month, year that can lead to a driving license, and no constraints.




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